Ubytování v Adršpachu po celý rok
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Our spring offer

Come to visit a landscape as it awakens from its winter slumber, a landscape full of calm and silent rock towns. The large network of marked paths, on which you will meet a minimum number of tourists and cyclists at this time of year, will take you through the most charming nooks and crannies of the region, in the surroundings of awakening nature.

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We offer you accommodation in a quiet family guest house with a capacity of 26 persons, with 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms with their own shower, WC, kitchenette and refrigerator. Throughout your stay an extensive garden is available, with a swing and roundabout for children, outside fireplace, bicycle shed, wine cellar with Moravian wines, and car park.

See our discount off-season price offer.

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